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Sam Zherka

Sam Zherka is a consultant who excelled as a real estate investor and developer for over 30 years. He is highly experienced in commercial properties and multi-family housing, as well as corporate and finance structuring.

Sam Zherka’s success in real estate is a direct result of his early grasp of good work ethic from his father, who worked his way up to become a landlord in New York. Sam himself started his career at the age of just 17, buying and selling buildings in the Bronx in the 1980s. He quickly proved his keen ability to tap upside potentials through renovations, capital improvements, and life enhancing amenities.

Over the next three decades Sam Zherka worked with a variety of high-profile clients to develop their portfolios, personally helping to add hundreds of millions of value in assets. He completed 100+ commercial transactions. His passion for developing value and opportunity through real estate, his creative mind and sharp business acumen, along with his natural ability to engage and inspire others has enabled him to generate vast capital from large-scale investors time and time again, and gain influence with industry insiders from the top commercial lending institutions in the Northeast.

Sam Zherka owes much of his previous success in real estate through leveraging opportunities and building value in properties through improvements. He has established rapport with many financial institutions over the years:

I have known Sam Zherka for about 12 to 13 years and originated loans on 25 to 30 properties totaling over $100 million. He has always lived up to the terms of all of our agreements. He is a knowledgeable real estate investor and keeps his properties well maintained… I consider Sammy a valued client and I am always eager to provide financing on his properties. He is savvy enough not to over-leverage his buildings, therefore in a poor market he is able to continue to make his mortgage loan payments.

George M. Klett

Executive Vice-President and Chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Committee, Signature Bank

Over my lengthy history with Mr. Sam Zherka I always found him to be a consummate businessman — prompt, pleasant and professional. […] I would not hesitate to continue as lender’s counsel in any transaction involving Mr. Zherka or any of his companies.

Karen Nora

Lawyer who closes for Capital One Bank

In the 5+ years I have known Sam Zherka, I have had nothing but a positive experience. […] His properties are always well maintained and cared for. In fact, I have found that Sam does not over extend his mortgage debt and has been a consistent performer through all markets.

Joseph F. Orefice

Senior Vice-President and Head of Commercial Real Estate, Investors Bank, one of the most active commercial lenders in the Northeast

Joseph F. Orefice’s sentiments have been echoed by a wide variety of individuals in Sam’s professional network, such as Karen Nora, the lawyer who closes for Capital One Bank, who states that “I would not hesitate to continue as lender’s counsel in any transaction involving Mr. Zherka or any of his companies.” Similarly, George M. Klett of Signature Bank has praised Sam for his impeccable work ethic, naming him amongst his clients who, “no matter what the economy or the state of the real estate market, make their payments and live up to their word and honor all agreements.” The words of Joseph F. Orefice, George M. Klett, and Karen Nora are just a sampling of the many successful commercial lending relationships Sam has cultivated over the course of his career.

Now a full-time success and motivation consultant, Sam Zherka is driven by the same core values that defined his real estate career: he sees potential all around him, and he works tirelessly to bring it to life and create value for everyone involved. He is still highly influential in the real estate world, consulting with numerous individuals and companies. To this day he also utilizes his affiliated apartment buildings to provide the needy with free housing.

Sam Zherka resides in New York with his wife and their eight children. When he’s not consulting, he enjoys doing humanitarian work and mentoring his children in business.

This blog will cover general news and insights into the NYC real estate market. Stay tuned!