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The American real estate industry is extremely dynamic. On any given day, legislation may be introduces, rules can be adopted, zoning may change, and markets may change direction; for this reason, real estate market participants and stakeholders should keep up with the latest industry news by following the right blogs.

When it comes to choosing the best real estate blogs to follow, readers should consider factors such as intended audience, reliability of sources, value of analysis, and diversity of content. With this in mind, here are five real estate blogs that are certainly worth bookmarking or adding to RSS feeds:

This blog is maintained by a Gulf War veteran who got into real estate investing after years of honorable service. Matt Theriualt made a fortune by getting into property investments at the height of the American real estate bonanza in 2003, since then, he has been posting valuable advice for prospective investors entering the market as it continues to recover.

First-time home buyers, new homeowners and real estate professionals will find lots of great information on the official blog of Trulia, one of the first Web 2.0 companies dedicated to real estate. The advantage of this blog is its sheer diversity of content and the entertaining angle of the stories published. Trulia is a very respected name in real estate, and thus the company’s blog posts can be considered to be very reliable.

Although real estate professionals are the target audience of this industry news website, homeowners and prospective buyers will also benefit from many of the topics published on a daily basis. A substantial portion of the content features analysis on matters handled by the National Association of Realtors, and the opinions tend to be balanced. The way the information is presented by Inman will make just about any reader consider a career in real estate.

This blog will appeal to fans of real estate who believe in the adage of “location, location, location.” Some of the best content posted by Movoto features lots of information about regional housing markets and the reasons why buyers are either flocking to them or completely ignoring them.

Similar to Trulia, the focus of this blog is to present information from all angles with an emphasis on trends shaping the housing market. RedFin takes pride in delivering the latest new in real-time fashion; for this reason, readers should follow the company’s busy Twitter feed.