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One of the best parts of New York City is the diversity that ranges throughout the various boroughs and neighborhoods. People of all backgrounds and incomes can find somewhere that suited just for them. While the Upper East Side and Brooklyn have their respective labels as upscale and hipster, there are many neighborhoods that are making their own labels. Check out some of the up-and-coming neighborhoods all throughout the Big Apple!




Quickly filling the funky shoes that Williamsburg previously wore, this Brooklyn neighborhood is setting the bar high. With affordable housing scattered throughout this community, Bushwick is taking over as the new hipster area to be a part of. The streets are lined with colorful graffiti, which is a tribute to the welcoming feel the neighborhood provides. The blocks are filled with different coffee shops, bars, and vintage shops, making it an ideal location for the young and artistic crowd.




As Brooklyn is becoming more popular for those new to the city, the affordability of the area is on the downhill. To keep up with the demands for housing, Brooklyn has had to raise its prices, leaving room for another affordable neighborhood to shine. The Queens neighborhood has always been known for its affordable living standards. It is is now making headway as the Brooklyn markets continue rising. The neighborhood is located right on the river, providing a stunning view of Manhattan any time of the day. Being located so close to the river, residents have easy access to Midtown.




The northernmost part of Brooklyn is seeing a huge rise in popularity among young professionals. The rent is affordable and the people are diverse. Offering those who are just starting out a reasonable area to live in, Greenpoint gives off the feeling of a quaint small town. With brownstones and unique boutiques, this area has become a perfect “staycation” area for many New Yorkers. An electric nightlife is what keeps the Millennials coming to this area. Many end up sticking around for the communal feel of the neighborhood.


When you live in a city like New York, you know that change is happening all around. Keeping up with the growing popularity of a neighborhood is important for those looking to move to the city for the first time. Finding the right location for your needs won’t be hard to do with the extensive adaptations each neighborhood is making on a regular basis.