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New York City has become a pinnacle location for luxurious living. The cost of living in this city is much higher than  most placed around the country. Many celebrities and business moguls call NYC their home and with their income, they scoop up the hottest properties out there. With many options to choose from in the six different boroughs, some neighborhoods are well-known for their pricey and lavish properties. Check out some of the most expensive properties that hit the market this year.


Woolworth Building Penthouse

This year’s priciest location to hit the market stands tall above the city. Any property on Park Place is bound to dig deep into buyer’s pockets but “the pinnacle” set its initial asking price at $110 million. As it is considered a landmark in the city, the Landmark Preservation Commission had to approve the addition of windows and internal repairs. This sever floor penthouse is the most expensive residential property to ever be on NYC market. A distant second remains the $85 million condo in Hell’s Kitchen.


432 Park Avenue

A building already full of expensive apartments continued to grow this year by building a completely new floor to their property. The $82 million penthouse covers 8,255 square feet and is one of the only remaining full-floor apartment in the building. With six bedroom and seven bathrooms, this luxurious property will likely go to one of NYC’s wealthier families.



Known for its spectacular residences with more windows than walls, this $70 million listing is sure. Not a new property, but Canadian fashion investor is moving on from this full-floor apartment. The building known for some more cost-efficient properties on lower floors, is displaying the 6,240 square foot apartment as a great investment for couples and those who are single. Though there are plenty of customized features, the large space only houses 3 bedrooms.


100 East 53rd Street

Multi-story penthouses have become increasingly popular recently, as many people feel like they are living in a home than an apartment building. This property hit the market last year at an asking price of $65 million. This location is ideal for art collectors, with its extensive living room with high ceilings and long walls. The location of this penthouse is in Suttons Place, close to the hustle and bustle of the major parts of the city.